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Brian Keith presents Computation+Journalism paper

Brian Felipe Keith Norambuena
Brian Keith

Brian Felipe Keith Norambuena presented his paper accepted to the Computation+Journalism 2020 conference (originally scheduled for March 20-21, 2020) at the recent CHCI Social Informatics meeting.  The conference has been cancelled due to coronavirus precautions. See below for details, including paper authors, title, abstract, recording of the presentation, and Computation+Journalism 2020 conference site.


Brian Felipe Keith Norambuena, Michael Horning and Tanushree Mitra


Evaluating the Inverted Pyramid Structure through Automatic 5W1H Extraction and Summarization


The inverted pyramid is a basic structure of news reporting used by journalists to convey information and it is considered a key element of objectivity in news reporting. In this article, we propose the Inverted Pyramid Scoring method to evaluate how well a news article follows the inverted pyramid structure using main event descriptors (5W1H) extraction and news summarization. We evaluate our proposed method on a proprietary data set of Associated Press news articles across breaking and non-breaking news spanning two topics—politics and business. Our results show that the method works at distinguishing the structural differences between breaking and non-breaking news. In particular, our results confirm that breaking news articles are more likely to follow the inverted pyramid structure.

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