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Students invited to present at CHCI Student Symposium May 6

Students invited to present at CHCI Student Symposium May 6

Please join us for a celebration of student scholarship and creativity at the 2021 CHCI Student Symposium!

  • Are you a graduate or undergraduate student who has worked with a faculty member in the Center for Human Computer Interaction?
  • Have you created an innovative project or conducted some exciting research?
  • Do you have a creative piece or exhibit that you would like to share?
  • Have you already submitted for the Undergraduate Research Symposium, VTURCS, ICAT Day, or another event? Share your work here as well!

You are invited to share your work at the CHCI student symposium to be held in conjunction with the Center's end of year meeting on May 6th, 2021 (1-3 pm).

This year, we will be holding the Symposium in Mozilla Hubs . Mozilla Hubs is an online 3D virtual environment where multiple people can view and discuss their work. Everyone has an avatar and you are free to move about the virtual space as you please. 

Students (individuals and teams) are invited to share their work via a poster (JPG, PDF or PNG), demonstration, (video, or something built specifically for Hubs) or 3D model. Spatialized audio is possible but will require more input from you.

The ARIES team at the University Libraries will help you with format questions and add your content for Mozilla Hubs for you. You will only need to provide Hubs-ready content. Specific guidelines on content can be found here.

Following the close of registration, you will be contacted for a planning and technical consultation.

Posters, demos and art installations already proposed and/or accepted for other events are strongly encouraged to apply! 

Register by completing the online sign-up form. Email questions to Todd Ogle.