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CHCI Student Symposium

May 3, 2021

The CHCI student symposium was held in conjunction with CHCI’s “All Hands” end of year meeting on May 6th, 2021. The meeting will be held from 1:00 to 3:00, with 1:45 to 3:00 being dedicated to the student symposium. If you weren’t able to make the symposium, you can see the presentation in Hubs here.

Mozilla Hubs is an online 3D virtual environment where multiple people can view and discuss their work. Everyone has an avatar and you are free to move about the virtual space as you please.

Students (individuals and teams) are invited to share their work via a poster (JPG, PDF or PNG), demonstration, (video, or something built specifically for Hubs) or 3D model. 

Student projects

Virtual Museums: Avatar-guided and Game-based Experiences for Learning and Engagement
Archi Dasgupta, Sam Williams, Gunnar Nelson, Mark Manuel, Shaoli Dasgupta

In-vehicle intelligent voice agent: Speech style vs. embodiment, which matters more?
Manhua Wang

Acoustic Situation Awareness and Its Effects on Pedestrian Safety within a Virtual Environment
Jake Pierson, Abhraneil Dam, Pooja Oberoi, Sanchit Tamboli

Immersive Analytics
Disha Sardana, Sampanna Kahu

Exploring the effects of language on angry drivers' situation awareness, driving performance, and subjective perception
Sushmethaa Muhundan

VR Haptic Glove
Hye Sung Moon, Grady Orr

Fantastic Voyage 2021: Using Interactive VR Storytelling to Explain Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery to Antigen-presenting Cells
Lei Zhang, Feiyu Lu, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Shakiba Davari, Lee Lisle, Nicolas Gutkowski, Luke Schlueter

The Effects of System Reliability and Transparency on Drivers’ Performance and Trust towards an Intelligent Agent in Highly Automated Vehicles
Skye Taylor, Jake Mamros, Alex Santiago-Anaya

Supporting Triage with Augmented Reality
Cassidy Nelson

Trust and Editorial Authority in Recommender Systems
Taha Hassan

Impacts of Holographic scenes for teaching sensing technologies in CEM programs
Omobolanle Ogunseiju

Facial Expressions Increase Emotion Recognition Accuracy on a Humanoid Robot without Adding the Uncanny Valley
Jiayuan Dong

Calculating and Analyzing Angular Head Jerk in Augmented and Virtual Reality
Jared Van Dam, Kyle Tanous, Matt Werner, Joseph Gabbard

Virtual Veterinary Medicine Anatomy
Brady Blauvelt, Zac Kim, Nayha Pochiraju, Daniel Imondo

Understanding Wikipedia practices through Hindi, Urdu, and English takes on evolving regional conflict
Molly Hickman