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Showcase of Creative Computing Projects

Showcase of Creative Computing Projects

Senior CS students in Sang Won Lee’s Creative Computing Studio course created exciting web applications in the Fall 2020 semester. The course offers students a rare chance to create an artifact of their choice before they graduate, using all the skills that they have learned. This year, due to the new normal from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the themes given to students were remote liveness and internet art. Their responses to these themes were diverse and effective.

We invite you to the virtual showcase of the final eight projects. Leave comments on the projects if you like!

Virtual Showcase of Creative Computing Studio 2020 Fall (all 8 projects):

Digital marching band drills for quick creation and sharing

Team: Chung Choi, Daniel Saunders Cox, Chris Lee, Deanna M. Meyer

Visualization and sonification of climate change and ocean pollution

Team: Samie Amriui, Quinn Eggleston, Rachel Hachem, Tim Kueny

MusiCanvas - generative music from drawing

Team: Will Briffa, Tyler Kurowski, Danielle R. Richard, Esha R. Thomare

Creating Dadaism collage online

Team: Zihao Cai, Yuqing Liu, Boren Zhu

A collaborative mosaic inspired by the snake game and etch-a-sketch

Team: Conor Abraham, Emily J. Desverreaux, Fadi Durah, David Gaudet