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CHCI Alumni Highlight: Ankit Ahuja

April 4, 2022

Ankit Ahuja

Ankit Ahuja created and maintains Stylebot, a browser extension to modify any webpage's appearance. He was most recently a software engineer at Coursera. He led development of Coursera's design system to enable consistent and accessible user interfaces across He also helped define the long-term architecture and future engineering initiatives for Coursera as part of the architecture group. He graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in 2013. His thesis is: Contextinator: Recreating the Context Lost Amid Information Fragmentation on the Web (advisor Manuel A. Pérez Quiñones). Prior to joining Coursera, Ahuja was a software engineer at LinkedIn and a software developer intern at Khan Academy. Ahuja says his training in HCI at VT cultivated his interest in user interfaces and improving user experiences in software. It laid the foundation for his career and enabled him to positively impact people's lives by applying the HCI skills he learnt at VT.