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CHCI Alumni Highlight - Sharon Chu

CHCI Alumni Highlight- Sharon Chu

Dr. Sharon Lynn Chu is an Assistant Professor for the University of Florida in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE). She is part of the Human-Centered Computing group and directs the Embodied Learning & Experience (ELX) Lab.  The ELX Lab conducts research in human-computer interaction (HCI) focusing specifically on cyberlearning (technologies to support learning) and positive computing (technologies for mental health and well-being). The research approach of the Lab is to conceptualize, design, develop and evaluate novel and existing technology-based approaches to understand and solve individual and societal problems. 

Her current research focuses on wearable technologies for learning, embodied technologies for story writing support, Maker technologies in formal science learning, and teacher support technologies in the classroom. Sharon says “My HCI training at VT provided me with the very foundation necessary to conduct human-centered research that is meaningful and impactful.”

Sharon received her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University and was an Assistant Professor there before joining UF.  She has previously worked at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) and the Institute of Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech, the MIT Gambit GameLab, and the Interactive and Digital Media Institute (IDMI) in Singapore. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a M.S. in Computer Science in 2013 (Francis Quek, Advisor).