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Brook Kennedy Reviving Ancient Cooling with Modern Technology

January 29, 2024

3D-printed structures of ancient evaporative cooling technique
3D-printed structures of ancient evaporative cooling technique

Brook Kennedy, an associate professor in the School of Design, is leading a project that combines artistic design with ancient evaporative cooling techniques. The project involves researchers from the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design, aiming to create 3D-printed structures that are visually striking and functionally innovative. These structures, inspired by ancient cooling methods used in Persia, Egypt, and China, are designed to cool air through the evaporation of water from sand-filled columns.

Kennedy and Stefan Al, associate professors in the School of Architecture, guide students from various disciplines in the design and 3D printing of these structures. This initiative represents a fusion of historical wisdom and modern technology, including computational design software, to offer sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by increasing global temperatures.

The project, supported by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Center for Future Work Places and Practices, showcases a collaborative effort across different fields and expertise. Professor Georg Reichard from the Myers-Lawson School of Construction contributes by measuring the effectiveness of the cooling process using infrared photography and video. As the project continues to evolve, Kennedy and his team are optimistic about its potential and seek further funding for large-scale development.

Please read this VT news story for more details and a video demonstration: