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CHCI Faculty and Students Participate in the ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work

CHCI Faculty and Students Participate in the ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work

CHCI Faculty and Students participated in the ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP), January 6-8, 2020 in Sanibel Island, Florida, with papers, posters, workshops and/or Doctoral Colloquium. Attending and/or presenting were: CHCI Faculty Tanu Mitra (@tanmit) with her CS PhD student Prerna Juneja (@Prerna_99), and CHCI Faculty Scott McCrickard, with his CS PhD student Lindah Kotut. Two CHCI CS PhD alumni also presented work at GROUP (see group photo): Shuo Niu (Assistant Professor at Clark University) and Michael Stewart (Assistant Professor at James Madison University). 

Papers, posters, design fiction, PhD Colloquium and Workshop papers presented are:

Shuo Niu, Scott McCrickard, Julia Nguyen, Derek Haqq, Lindah Kotut, Timothy L. Stelter, Edward A Fox.

Investigating Paradigms of Group Territory in Multiple Display Environments. Prerna Juneja, Deepika Rama Subramanian, Tanushree Mitra.

Through the Looking Glass: Study of Transparency in Reddit's Moderation Practices. Lindah Kotut, Timothy L. Stelter, Michael Horning, Scott McCrickard.

Willing Buyer, Willing Seller: Personal Data Trade as a Service.
Lindah Kotut presented this design fiction paper (immediately above), describing how personal data could be monetized in the future. At the end, she was part of a panel that discussed the crafting of design fictions and the importance of considering future implications of technology.

Lindah Kotut also presented a poster at the Doctoral Colloquium which won Best Poster Award.  

Prerna Juneja presented a working paper, and served as a student volunteer.

Michael Stewart (with thanks to co-authors and CHCI affiliates Aakash Gautam and Deborah Tatar, and CS@VT undergraduate alumnus Collin Chew) participated in the Human Centered Data Science Workshop with “Making Educational Technological Trouble: Data Science as Critical Apprenticeship”. Two of his JMU CS students presented posters:
Cynthia Zastudil, Michael Stewart, Nathan Sprague, and Erin Brady. 2020. CampusPartner: An Assistive Technology for Mobility Impaired Pedestrians.

Nathan Moore, Kevin Molloy, William Lovo, Sven Mayer, Pawel W. Wozniak, and Michael Stewart. 2020. POST: A Machine Learning Based Paper Organization and Scheduling Tool.

Shuo Niu presented his thesis work on a multi-display system which supports multiple analysts to search and explore large social media data together.