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Augmented Reality in Transportation

Augmented Reality in Transportation
Driving Simulator @ COGENT Lab

AR head-up displays (AR HUD) interfaces provide a fundamentally new driving experience, but we currently do not know how to design safe and effective user interfaces in this space. Extant methods for evaluating the effectiveness of computer-based user interfaces are arguably not rich enough to capture the total effects of AR HUD interfaces on human performance. Without new methods, we are left to base user interface design and assessment on our current understanding with traditional HMI systems and/or in-vehicle information systems (IVIS). Thus, as we start designing new AR HUD displays, we must also develop new measures of effectiveness.

Augmented Reality in Transportation
Virtual Shadow for Pedestrian Alert
Augmented Reality in Transportation
Balancing Cueing Attention & Distraction

In this research, we explore:

  • Measures for quantifying the effects of AR HUD design on visual attention & distraction
  • How driving performance is impacted by AR HUD usage
  • Interface design and assessment methods for increased situation awareness
  • Selective, focused & divided attention

Select Publications:

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