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Denis Gracanin Received the Award for Best Short Paper at the e6th International Conference on Computer GraphicsJune 8, 2019

A screenshot from an analysis session
A screenshot from an analysis session. The histograms on the left show the meta data and can be used for an efficient drill-down during the analysis. The centroids scatter plot view is shown in the middle. The views on the right show different aspects of the data. The table at the bottom shows details for the brushed audio recordings. The view in the lower right corner is used to filter bird species and years of interest.

Denis Gracanin received the award for best short paper at the 36th International Conference on Computer Graphics.  The paper, "Visual Analysis of Bird Moving Patterns," was co-authored with K. Matkovic, M. Beham, R. Splechtna, M. Meyer, and E. Ginina.  Computer Graphics International is one of the oldest international annual conferences in Computer Graphics and is organized in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH.  Within CHCI, Prof. Gracanin is involved with the research thrust in 3D Experiences.