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Doug Bowman Receives New Funding from ONR

Doug Bowman

Office of Naval Research awards new funding for Doug Bowman's project "Facilitating Mixed Reality Decision-Support Tools: Modeling, Collaborative Interaction, and Information Display" in collaboration with colleagues at University of California at Santa Barbara.

Building on our successful work on View Management and User Interface Optimization for Wide-Area Mobile Augmented Reality, we focus on enabling and evaluating mobile collaborative mixed-reality decision-support tools. The motivation comes from the tremendous opportunities and increasingly successful deployment of mixed and augmented reality solutions in Marine Corps applications. We aim to better support wide-area AR users, and especially decision makers in the field, such as emergency managers, maintenance supervisors, and squad leaders, with data about the environment and with collaborative interfaces that allow them to make the right decisions at the right time. This agenda is focused on three interconnected overall threads, namely 1) augmented reality scene modeling using hybrid mobile sensors, 2) design and evaluation of collaborative interfaces for in-the-field operations and training, specifically focusing on planning, data analysis, and maintenance activities, and 3) scientific studies towards understanding the human-computer interaction involved in effective information display for accurate analytics, situation awareness, and navigation in the field.