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CHCI Welcomes New Member: Rebecca Faust

April 25, 2022

Rebecca Faust

Rebecca Faust is a  CI fellow and Postdoc in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Her research interests lie in using visualization methods to help people understand the behavior of analysis tools and programs. Dr. Faust’s current work focuses on using program transformations to extract information from programs as they execute and visualizing the extracted information. Initially, she focused on extracting information specifically from dimensionality reduction methods to help explain the resulting projections (see DimReader). After completing that project, she shifted to extracting and visualizing execution information and values from Python programs through program traces for the purpose of debugging and understanding these programs (see Anteater). At Virginia Tech, Dr. Faust is working with Chris North to incorporate human feedback into projection methods through semantic interaction and create explanations of the interaction effects and resulting projections.