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CHCI research showcased at SIGGRAPH 2020

The ACM Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (known as SIGGRAPH) is the world’s premier venue for state-of-the-art computer graphics across industry, academia, and the art community. SIGGRAPH 2020 opens (virtually) August 17 and continues through August 28, offering innovative presentations, demos and exhibits.

CHCI (and ICAT) contributions to SIGGRAPH are from multiple departments (SOVA, Library, CS, Education) and across multiple formats.

Frontier Talk: Crowd Sleuths: Solving Mysteries with Crowdsourcing, Experts, and AI
Presenter: Kurt Luther

Immersive Pavilion: If this place could talk ... First World War tunnel warfare through haptic VR
Presenters: Todd Ogle, Zach Duer, David Hicks, Scott Fralin