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Guidelines for CHCI Speaker Series

CHCI will host an HCI speaker series beginning in Fall 2023.  The Center will distribute an open call to CHCI members for speaker nominations at the outset of each semester.

The following guidelines are provided to assist CHCI faculty and the Executive Committee in the selection and invitation of speakers.

The goals of the speaker series are to: 

  • Bring attention to the work and experience of distinguished senior researchers and leaders in funded research

  • Inspire CHCI faculty and students in their research and help them form collaborations

  • Demonstrate the diversity of the field of Human-Computer Interaction

CHCI will host one speaker per semester.  It will cover the speaker’s travel expenses and a modest honorarium (not to exceed $500). Additional speakers are possible, remote or in person, but without funding from CHCI.

CHCI welcomes speaker nominations from any CHCI faculty member, not to exceed one nomination per academic year. The nominating faculty will complete a nomination form at least one semester in advance of a nominee’s visit. Graduate student members can nominate speakers by working with a faculty member as co-nominators.

The CHCI Executive Committee will review nominees for the following semester. Selections will be made based on the goals of the speaker series. Preference may also be given to nominees who provide diversity to the speaker series with respect to discipline, methods, gender, cultural background, or other factors.