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Meet the New CHCI Student Council Members!

January 30, 2024

The Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) has a new Student Council that will serve from Spring through Fall semesters 2024. This student-driven organization aims to positively impact the CHCI student community through advocacy, events, and programs. 

The council's vision and mission statements are as follows:

Vision: The CHCI student council aims to provide an inclusive and creative space for students to find common ground, network, and collaborate academically and artistically. The student council will promote a strong community amongst students by showcasing human-computer interaction design work and research focusing on providing unique social opportunities.

Mission: The student council is inspired by Virginia Tech's motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), to help build a stronger student-based community as a part of CHCI and to promote student engagement in the ongoing interdisciplinary efforts by the HCI community.

Activities: The student council organizes the Student Research Symposium, showcasing student research in the Center. The council also hosts the weekly "Hack-and-Yak" every Friday from 2 to 5 pm in the Living Learning Community (LLC) Building, 185 Kent Street, Room 104.

Meet the new Student Council members:

Justin Kerobo
Justin Kerobo • President

Justin Kerobo, a Ph.D. student in ICAT, advised by Ico Bukvic, explores the fields of aesthetics and musical engagement, focusing on human-AI collaboration. As the President of the Student Council, Justin aspires to cultivate a culturally rich and diverse community. He is excited about serving the CHCI community through transparent communication, innovative initiatives, and active engagement and bringing his unique HCI perspective to the council.

Levern Currie
Levern Currie • Vice President

Levern Currie is a PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), advised by Rafael Patrick. Her research focuses on multi-modal auditory perception for auditory situational awareness. Levern is a DoD SMART fellow, CEED Ambassador, and New Horizons Peer Mentor. She plans to utilize her background in Human Factors and HCI to aid in the growth and development of the CHCI Council, as well as to leverage her passion for HCI to bring new ideas and events.

Daniel Manesh
Daniel Manesh • Treasurer

Daniel Manesh is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science under the guidance of Sang Won Lee. His research explores creative technologies and their applications. As the Treasurer, Daniel aims to nurture a vibrant HCI community within CHCI, managing resources effectively to foster collaboration and unity among the members.

Nikitha Chandrashekar
Nikitha Chandrashekar • Event Coordinator

Nikitha Chandrashekar, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, advised by Denis Gracanin, is involved in multimodal interaction. As the Student Council Event Coordinator, she is focused on organizing events to enhance community engagement and collaboration at CHCI, fostering connectivity, and enriching the student community experience.

Matthew Gallagher
Matthew Gallagher • Event Coordinator

Matthew Gallagher is an undergraduate Computer Engineering student focusing on human-computer interaction. As event coordinator, his primary focus is orchestrating various events that enhance community interaction and cooperation at CHCI to support the new and returning members of the CHCI community.

Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell • Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Mitchell, Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, advised by Myounghoon (Philart) Jeon, focuses her research on human-robot interaction and experience design. As an Outreach Coordinator, she aims to build a more interconnected Student Council community and foster collaborative relationships. Jennifer is enthusiastic about meeting people from various disciplines and enhancing the council's outreach at CHCI.

Udbhaav Mudgil
Udbhaav Mudgil • Outreach Coordinators

Udbhaav Mudgil, a Masters (4+1) student in Computer Science, focuses on user experience and interface design. His work involves innovative design solutions. As the Outreach Coordinator, Udbhaav envisions a welcoming and collaborative Student Council. He is keen on increasing outreach, fostering connections, and contributing positively to CHCI's diverse student community.

Saeid Alimoradi
Saeid Alimoradi • Social Media Coordinator

Saeid Alimoradi, a Ph.D. student in Industrial and Systems Engineering, advised by Deborah Dickerson, focuses on XR integration in online learning. As the Social Media Coordinator, Saeid seeks to create a dynamic Student Council through effective social media engagement and contribute to a positive and engaging student experience at CHCI.

Maryam Rahimimovassagh
Maryam Rahimimovassagh • Social Media Coordinator

Maryam Rahimimovassagh is a Ph.D. student in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department. She is advised by Charlie Klauer with a research focus on monitoring and feedback in Assistance Driving Systems (ADS) for personal cars. She plans to boost CHCI event visibility through social media and personal interactions. Maryam will also try to create a more inclusive community and facilitate idea exchanges among students from different fields.

Morva Saaty
Morva Saaty • Engagement Officer

Morva Saaty, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, advised by Scott McCrickard, is working on Human-centered Machine Intelligence. Morva is dedicated to enhancing the student experience at CHCI and fostering a collaborative and inclusive Student Council. As the Engagement Officer, she is committed to building a community that supports engagement and inclusivity.